Get full visibility of your true attack surface.

Informer offers the unique benefits of combining live asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and expert penetration testing in a single frictionless platform.

Continuous asset discovery.

Advanced OSINT technology automatically detects and maps your internet-facing assets, giving you a complete picture of your evolving IT environment.
Dynamic asset discovery continuously searches for assets
See only the assets that belong to your organization
Gain complete visibility of your internet-facing web applications and infrastructure
Geolocate your assets to ensure regulation compliance
Determine your true cyber risk

Secure your evolving external perimeter.

Continually monitor changes in your external perimeter to identify new assets and vulnerabilities in real-time, allowing you to remediate issues faster and more efficiently.
Gain complete visibility of your external perimeter
Be alerted to new vulnerabilities in real-time
Harness automated security testing
Adhere to regulatory compliance that mandates continuous monitoring
Track changes that could affect your overall security posture

Manage your attack surface.

View your attack surface through the eyes of an attacker to mitigate risks before they can be exploited.
Access live vulnerability data and actionable insights
Monitor and visualize your security posture and trends
Enables risk-based remediation prioritization
Use asset criticality rating management
Access CVSS scoring and remediation advice
Jira integration for end-to-end issue tracking

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