Stay alert 24/7.

Our easily manageable alerting interface is designed to immediately inform you of any changes to your environment which could adversely affect your overall security.

Be notified as soon as a change is discovered
Organise your alerts to suit you
Speed up remediation through prioritization
Receive notifications via SMS or email

Powerful & flexible alerts

  • Operating 24/7 - you are immediately notified as soon as a change is discovered on your attack surface via email and/or SMS, giving you the optimum opportunity for remediation.
  • Easily set personalized alert criteria – giving you can the ability to set them up for any specific scenario, for example, ‘for new high-risk vulnerabilities discovered on assets located outside Europe’ or ‘on assets labeled Ecommerce when a high risk is found.’
  • Flexible - Alerts can be expired at any time, for example, after a day, week, month, or year.

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