Effortlessly manage your attack surface around the clock.

Attack surface management (ASM) provides continuous surveillance of vulnerabilities that contain, transmit, or process your data. This proactive method helps you map, understand, and analyze your threat landscape - ultimately helping to reduce your cyber risk.  

Find out what the components of your attack surface are
Locate where the attack vectors and exposures are
Shield your organization from future data breaches and cyberattacks
Comply with data protection regulations with this first-class solution

A single platform for smarter security

Informer meticulously scans your attack surface for weaknesses that could allow an attacker to gain access to critical areas of your network or access sensitive files and data.

  • Map your attack surface - View data in different formats to gain a deeper understanding of your digital environment and risks faced. For example, you can view from asset or vulnerability perspectives. The platform also provides vulnerability descriptions and even shows which part of the asset is affected, with suggested remediation.
  • Reduce your attack surface - Prevent and mitigate risks from problems such as human error (like phishing or data leaks) and out-of-date software which can cause basic security lapses, enabling you to better protect your data from a variety of potential threats.
  • Organize your assets - Personalize labels throughout Informer to group assets (for example, ‘assets located in Australia’), manage alerts, and create reports.
  • Assign criticality-ratings to assets - Set criticality-ratings for each asset. This will auto-adjust your vulnerability risk-levels and provide you with a real-world view of your attack surface.
  • Designate responsibility to your team - Assign vulnerabilities to your team to fix and allocate ownership to assets.
  • Comply with data protection regulations - Remain compliant to increasingly stringent policies using a trusted and up-to-date ASM platform.

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