Your attack surface is constantly growing and evolving, inadvertently introducing risk.

As your digital environment is constantly growing and evolving, it is crucial to manage your assets both carefully and effectively. Informer makes this easy for you by shining a light on blind spots in your attack surface and highlighting potential risks.

Real-time view of your online environment
Automated tracking on assets
Increases certainty and efficiency
Move away from spreadsheets to track assets

Identifies online environment changes that you might not be aware of

Informer uses a vast range of open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to locate online assets you didn’t know you had.

  • Access to vast data pools - Uses 50+ and growing data sources to keep you informed in real-time - SSL certificate log repositories, passive DNS sources.
  • Proactive OSINT techniques - Mimics attackers’ active approach to find online assets. For example, scraping, website code analysis, and active DNS discovery.
  • Always on - Searches the internet 24/7 for new assets and changes to assets, keeping you fully up-to-date on your attack surface.

Finds insecure assets that accept sensitive data

Assets that have personal and sensitive areas are assessed for vulnerabilities and configuration issues.

  • Looks for personal information - Identifies combinations of information that could identify individuals such as a name, address, Social Security Number, and other elements of personal information.
  • Identifies authentication areas - Passwords traveling over unencrypted or misconfigured encrypted channels will be recognized and highlighted.
  • Highlights potential GDPR issues - Assets with personal information received by websites outside of the EU are pinpointed as a potential compliance issue.

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Locate your assets

Determines where in the world your assets are located and detects applications hosted on shared infrastructure in countries where assets may not be compliant.

  • Accurate asset location - Geolocation of assets are accurate to 99%.
  • Interactive maps - Visualize where in the world your assets are.

Rapid and scalable

Scalable technology accelerates asset discovery time, completing it in a fraction of the time that manual techniques take. Discovery against large domains containing thousands of assets can take place in seconds.

  • Scalable - Our cutting-edge discovery system scales with your environment size as it evolves.
  • Intelligent task selection & management - Our scanning engines are built on Kubernetes and task management systems that intelligently select scanning techniques and organize themselves to run without impacting your environment.
  • Rapid asset discovery - Assets are discovered within seconds with 90% of assets found within minutes.

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