Evidence and report on your attack surface management progress.

Automated reports are detailed to provide you with clear insights, granting you access to essential metrics such as the number of assets discovered, vulnerabilities found, and remediations completed.

View essential security metrics
Record changes over time
Track your developments
Evidence your remediation progress

Customized reports

Build reports using a wide range of criteria based on your specific requirements whenever you need them.

  • Receive essential vulnerability reports for any asset, at any time.
  • Create technical and compliance reports whenever you like on any asset or group of assets.
  • Reports can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.

Built-in templates

  • Choose from various report templates designed for different audiences, from technical teams to compliance and your executives.

Flexibly-scheduled reports

  • Schedule your reports to be automatically created as often as you like for any assets or group of assets - quarterly for PCI DSS or monthly for a board meeting, for example.

Review your progress

  • All vulnerability reports are archived, allowing you to easily retrieve and review any previous report(s) and monitor developments.

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