Visualize your attack surface management progress.

Insightful dashboards give you excellent visualization of your current attack surface through clearly presented insights, allowing you to accurately assess your digital footprint and easily track your progress, keeping you in the know.

Visualize your attack surface
Access key insights
Assess your digital footprint
Observe your progress

At-a-glance and real-time overview of your attack surface

  • At-a-glance position - See your direction of travel, get a clear view of your progress in managing your environment and see how risk-free your environment is.
  • See your latest alerts - View all of your alerts as they appear.
  • Map your assets - Use the interactive map to understand where in the world your assets are located.

Track your changing environment

Get a view of your evolving environment as new assets are discovered and removed.

  • Asset trending - See your asset inventory expand and contract as your business evolves.
  • Track asset responsibility - Ownerless assets can be tracked giving you visibility on how your team has assigned responsibility.
  • Track environment criticality - Track your environment’s significance and reliance on assets.
  • See your service exposure - Accessible services (open ports) are tracked and quickly see any misconfigurations have been introduced.

Track your risk

See how your environment’s risk is tracking over time with your environment change.

  • Track your vulnerability remediation progress - Trending of vulnerability risk levels.
  • Track vulnerability assignation - Ensure that your team are assigned to vulnerabilities so they can be remediated.
  • View vulnerabilities by type - Web application and infrastructure-level vulnerabilities are tracked separately, giving you an indication of the areas to focus on.

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