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Woman working on MacBook looking at Shodan Website

Shodan: The Search Engine for Hackers

Shodan is not your average search engine and has become a tool used by hackers to find internet-connected devices and more.

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Hacker looking at website code

Understanding Cross-Site Scripting: How to prevent an XSS attack

Learn why it's important to take a multi-layered approach to help prevent XSS attacks.

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Large server room

5 Tips to scale your cyber security

Learn how to adapt your cyber security program as your business and online environments grow.

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SaaS Security Interview Jim Turner

Customer Thermometer's perspective on SaaS Security

We spoke to Jim Turner, CEO of Customer Thermometer for his take on SaaS security

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Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Co-Founder, Lucidity SaaS Security

Lucidity's perspective on SaaS Security

We spoke to Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Co-Founder of Lucidity for his take on SaaS security

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Person coding at computer

Understanding Cross-Site Scripting: Going beyond an alert box

In this post we are going to take a deeper dive into this vulnerability and investigate some of the more malicious payloads that could be used

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Person with credit card at laptop

COVID-19 Impact: Financial services cyber security programs

2020 has seen a sharp increase in cyber security attacks increasing by 33% between January and March.

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Person looking at laptop login screen

Understanding Cross-Site Scripting: What is XSS?

In our three-part in-depth series, we are going to cover Cross-Site Scripting, how it can be abused from an attacker’s perspective, and more importantly how to defend against it.

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Enigma encryption machine

How machine learning is used in cyber security

In the constantly adapting industry of cyber security, we examine how machine learning is being used in cyber defence strategies?

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Girl working remotely | HackerLab by Informer

Covid-19: Companies at risk due to remote desktop protocol

Companies have been forced into configuring remote working environments to support employees working from home. But, are they doing this safely?

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Working remotely from home | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

7 top security tips for remote working during Covid-19

Remote working is everywhere since Covid-19 stopped the world. Thankfully, working from home is easy to go, but it comes with some security issues.

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Speeding lights | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

Make smarter vulnerability management decisions in 2020

Cybersecurity involves a host of complex problems, covering a broad attack surface. So, how can you take control of your risk and vulnerability management?

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Laptops taking part in a penetration test | Informer.

What’s the difference between a penetration test and a bug bounty?

To stay secure and comply with regulations, businesses must regularly test for vulnerabilities. What is their best method, bug bounties or penetration tests?

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London bus outside the Bank of England | Informer. Vulnerability scanner for the financial services

How to avoid ransomware in financial services

Travelex’s attack is a familiar story - cybercriminals lock a system and demand a ransom. But what exactly is ransomware and how can you avoid falling victim?

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Smiley faced balloon | Informer. Vulnerability scanner for the financial services

Why financial services need penetration testing in 2020

2020 promises to be an interesting time for cybersecurity in financial services, not least because of Brexit and the US election. Here’s our essential guide.

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A helping hand | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

Collaboration is the key to a successful penetration test

Security and IT teams often see penetration tests as a negative. To solve this, we work collaboratively on every test - using it as a tool to keep you secure.

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Key to passwords | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

5 expert ways to create secure passwords

To protect your data, strong passwords are essential. A weak password is one is an open door to cyber criminals...

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Businessman | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

Cyber threats: what to be aware of in financial services

Financial organizations hold a large amount of sensitive data. The more sensitive the data, the bigger the prize for hackers and the larger a target you become.

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Floppy disk with customer data | Informer. Vulnerability scanner for the financial services

Dealing with GDPR and data retention in financial services

How will GDPR and data retention change in post-Brexit 2020?

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Bitcoin payment via ranswomware | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

QUICK GUIDE: understanding ransomware

Ransomware stories are familiar features in news stories. But, what exactly is ransomware and how can you avoid becoming a victim?

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Stressed out from making a mistake | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

7 cyber security mistakes and how to avoid them

Cyber security is often pushed down the business priority list. But, with customer data and your brand reputation on the line, is cyber security worth ignoring?

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Are your employees a security risk to your business? | 24/7 vulnerability scanner

Are your employees a security risk?

Employees may cause a security risk without realizing. What are the risks within the workplace and how can you solve them?

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Fishing in a river | Informer. Vulnerability scanner


Phishing is a simple yet effective form of a cyberattack where hackers try to dupe victims into actions where they can benefit.

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Dollar bills | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

How do you spend your security budget wisely?

Your security budget is critical if you want to succeed as a business. If you have a limited budget, how should you spend it?

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Happy fisherman | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

Are phishing assessments worth the money?

Phishing simulations is a tool we highly recommend for identifying weaknesses. But what's involved and is it worth it?

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Ethernet cables plugged into server

How machine learning is used in cyber attacks

Machine learning is not only utilised by security professionals, but by adversaries with malicious intent. How are they using this to improve their cyber attacks?

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