A single platform to enable faster, smarter and accurate security decision making.

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Continuous asset discovery

Find your true attack surface with Informer's unique digital footprint detection and monitoring.

Identifies online environment changes you don’t know about

Dynamic discovery technology - using OSINT techniques - finds online assets you didn’t know you had.

Discovers security issues with sensitive data

Detect exposed areas where sensitive information can enter your applications. Such as login credentials traveling unencrypted or over non-securely encrypted channels.

Understands compliance and regulation

Pinpoints where in the world your servers are. Detects applications hosted on shared infrastructure in countries where authorities could be permitted to access your data.

Rapid asset discovery

Multi-processing and container technology speed up asset discovery time, completing in a fraction of the time that manual techniques would take.
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Dynamic dashboards

Powerful dashboards allow you to track your progress and understand your current attack surface. Making it easy to visualize your progress.

Clearly presented insights

Detailed dashboards for asset and vulnerability information with clear and insightful metrics.

Track your progress

Understand how your team is progressing with asset and vulnerability insights over any period of time.

Live environment view

See your security status and how vulnerable your environment is right now.

See your environment from different perspectives

In-depth asset and vulnerability insights display with key metrics.
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Attack surface management

Results of discovered assets and vulnerabilities are displayed and managed in one central area with multiple ways to make it easy for you to quickly deal with your risks.

View data in different ways

View data from asset or vulnerability perspectives and gain a true understanding of the risks you’re dealing with.

Organize your assets

Use labels throughout Informer to group assets, manage alerts and create reports.

Assign criticality ratings to assets

Vulnerability risk levels are auto-adjusted by setting asset criticality for each asset to give you a real-world view of your attack surface.

Assign responsibility to your team

Assign vulnerabilities to your team to fix.
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Custom reporting

Reports can be automatically created on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis, on any asset or group of assets.

Custom report creation

Essential vulnerability reports for any asset, at any time.

Built-in templates

Choose from various report templates for different audiences, such as your technical teams to compliance and the board.

Scheduled reports

Schedule reports to be automatically created as often as you like. For example, quarterly for PCI DSS and monthly for a board meeting.

Go back in time

Vulnerability reports are achived, making it easy for you to retrieve and review any report.
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Stay alert

Be alerted to any changes that could affect your overall security in your environment, 24/7.

Alert by email

Email triggered alerts directly to your inbox.

Flexible and powerful criteria

Set alerts for any scenario. For example - be alerted on new high-risk vulnerabilities discovered on assets located outside Europe.

Alert by SMS

Send critical alerts that need immediate action by SMS.

Easily manage alerts

Informers powerful and simple alerting interface has been designed to allow you to quickly set alert criteria
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