A single platform to enable faster, smarter, and more accurate security decision-making.

Continuous asset discovery

Find your true attack surface with Informer's automated digital footprint detection and 24/7 monitoring.
Identifies online environment changes you aren't aware of
Detects security issues with sensitive data
Understands compliance and security regulations
Provides rapid asset discovery for efficient tracking
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Vulnerability discovery

Access granular vulnerability data for your web applications and infrastructure, including expert remediation advice.
Newly discovered vulnerabilities are found in real-time and are added daily
Automation continuously finds and assesses infrastructure and application-level vulnerabilities on assets that are both known and unknown to you
Intelligent vulnerability-scoring helps you understand your true attack surface and overall security posture
CREST-accredited penetration testers' expertise provides a human approach that machines alone cannot match
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Dynamic dashboards

Dashboards allow you to visualize and understand your evolving attack surface while tracking your progress, enabling you to accurately assess your overall security posture.
Access clearly presented insights and trending security data
Track your progress against KPIs
View your live environment to discover new assets and vulnerabilities as they appear
See your environment from different perspectives
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Attack surface management

Results of discovered assets and vulnerabilities are displayed and managed in one central area, with multiple ways to make it easy for you to quickly deal with your risks.
View data in different formats
Organize your assets
Assign criticality ratings to assets
Designate responsibility to your team
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Custom reporting

The custom reporting suite provides access to detailed management information, specifically created to record important asset and vulnerability data.
Build custom reports based on your specific needs
Use built-in templates to streamline reporting
Schedule reports to be delivered to your inbox
Retrieve archived reports at any time
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Stay alert

Be instantly alerted to any changes in your attack surface that could affect the overall security posture of your environment, 24/7.
Easily manage alerts
Select your flexible criteria
Be notified by email or SMS
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