Remote Internal Penetration Testing

Test your internal networks without the need for a tester physically being on site

We have developed an in-house, secure solution to perform and manage an internal penetration test from any location. No longer will your company have to cover the additional cost of accommodation, travel and sustenance for such a critically important test.

Many companies robustly test their external defences on a regular basis with penetration tests, but the most alarming factor to consider is what happens if someone malicious actually gets inside the network?

Once inside the risk of gaining access to your corporate network and private data rises exponentially, attackers immediately look for ways to pivot and exploit out of date services amongst other things, often going months before being detected.

Benefits of a remote internal penetration test

  • Securely connect
    We developed a highly secure and simple process enabling us to connect with your network in a matter of minutes with only a basic level of technical knowledge or additional hardware required.
  • Save time and money
    You no longer have to incur expenses or lose time for a security consultant to travel and be on site. We can spend 100% of our time focused on testing your internal network infrastructure.
  • Multiple locations
    If your business operates from multiple locations they can all be included in your internal penetration as there are no limitations on a security consultant having to travel to each site.
  • Slack
    During your test, our security team can talk directly to our security consultants using a dedicated Slack channel to help you get the most from your penetration test.
  • Retests included at no extra cost
    Once you have remediated your vulnerabilities, we provide a retest to ensure you have the assurance your fixes have been successfully implemented.

Getting started

Setting up your internal penetration test takes minutes. Download and import our securely configured virtual machine which provides direct access to your environment. We have a detailed walkthrough which guides you through the process which takes around 10 minutes to set up. Once installed we can begin your test.  

There is no requirement for extra hardware, our virtual machines can run off a standard workstation in most cases.

Security assurance

Your data will reside on the virtual machine with no data taken from your network, apart from any screenshots required for evidence included in our reports. Any evidence gathered will be carefully redacted from the report to remove any sensitive data. Once your test is complete you can permanently remove the virtual machine.

Our penetration testers are highly skilled and have accreditations with the following certifications:

  • OSCP
  • eWPTX
  • CPSA
  • Security+
  • Network+

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team or visit our general FAQ's here
Are there any differences than having a tester on site?

The simple answer is no. We cover the same high-quality methodology and processes that we would if we were on site. The only difference is that your test is delivered through a fully secure virtual machine.

What are the main benefits of a remote internal penetration test?

The service has been developed to help save time and money eliminating the need for a tester to be physically on site avoiding the costs for travel and accommodation. We can also assign multiple testers to your engagement, set-up a Slack channel for increased collaboration and provide a retest at no extra cost.

Will this involve a lot of work to set up?

Our aim was to make setting up and starting your test a quick and efficient process without the need for any additional hardware. We configure a secure virtual machine specifically for you which takes 10 minutes to install from start to finish.

Do I need any extra hardware?

No. We take care of all the setup and configure a virtual machine specific to your test. You can download and install the virtual machine to run on a standard workstation.

Does Informer have control of my network?

You control the virtual machine and we only have access while your machine is live.

Where is my data held during the test and how secure is it?

Your data resides on the virtual machine during the testing duration. We do not take any data from your network.

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